( AREK ) Arkadiusz Grzegorz Szymczak

Sports coach with over 26 years of international experience in the fields of Acrobatic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling. Has coached athletes from Pre-School to National Level and World Class athletes in Poland, Canada and Italy

Coach’s Profile:

A highly dedicated and creative professional with strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to motivate athletes
Best personal features – integrity, dedication and patience
Qualifications and certificates:
Certified Coach of Trampoline, Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics Poland – Level 4
Canadian Level 3 NCCP Coaching Certification, July 2014
Italian Level 3 Coaching Certification, February, 2015
Recreational Management Certificate
Master of Sports of the Republic of Poland
FIG Brevet II International Level Judge
Canadian Respect in Sport Certificate, March 13, 2013
First Aid – Canadian Red CROSS, June 28, 2013
International Coaching Clinic with LIANG CHOW, 8-10 November 2013

Athlete’s Profile:

Former member of Polish National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team
Champion of Poland in team competition
Champion of Poland in individual routine
Master of Sports of the Republic of Poland
Champion of Canada Cup
Canadian Championship
Italian Championship Tem Gym

Professional duties, expertise & skills

Significant expertise in providing Trampoline Gymnastics, Dubel mini Trampoline and Tumbling ,Acrobatic Gymnastics,instruction to all competitive levels
 Skilled in designing, choreographing and scripting routines
 Established proficiency in providing specific strength and conditioning
 Skilled in the ability to select music
 Proven record of planning and managing athletes’ annual individual and group programs
 Significant expertise in judging at provincial, national, international and world level competitions
 Proven record of supervising, directing, managing and coaching assistant coaches
Established proficiency in making athletes’ selection, evaluation and recruitment
 Extensive experience in running and coaching sports camps

Additional responsibilities and projects:

Organized and coordinated competitions at Local, National, International and World Levels
 Organized and directed other sports related shows and displays
 Directed, coached and choreographed gymnaestrada teams
 Designed and choreographed routines for Acrobatic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics for National Team members in Poland, Canada and Italy
 Directed and coordinated exhibitions and performances at fundraising events
 Organized and ran judging courses
 Directed and coached Gymnastics TV performances and commercials


Bronze Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland, awarded by the President
Lech Kachynski in 2006
 Personal Medal of Recognition by F.I.G.
 Recognition as the Best Sports Manager in Lower Silesia Region in 2010

Managing and Organizing Experience:

Head of Polish Delegation at World Trampoline Championships in 2001, 2009, 2010
 Coach at World Trampoline Championships in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010
 Coach at World Acrobatic Gymnastic Championships in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002
 Coach at World Games in 2009

Meet Director:

2010, Trampoline World Cup
 2010, Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships
 2010, Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Groups Competitions
 2010, Acrobatic Gymnastics Team European Championships
 2008, Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup
 2000, Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships
 1999, Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior World Championships

Assisted with an organization of the following events:

1996, Acrobatic and Tumbling Gymnastics European Championships
 1995, Acrobatic and Tumbling Gymnastics World Championships
 1987, Acrobatic and Tumbling Gymnastics European Championships

Judging and Officials experience:

co-author of the Polish application package to host World Games in Wroclaw, Poland in 2017
 participated in designing Regulations and Tables of Difficulty for FIG ACRO TC from 1998 to 2001.
 served as an Expert Judge of Superior Jury for Polish Acrobatic, Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics from 2008 to 2011.
 In 2013- 2014 I judged Canadian and Provincial Championships and other tournaments
 In October 2013, on request of Alberta Gymnastics Federation Canada I conducted a training course for coaches and athletes of T&T
 In January 2014, on request of Ontario Gymnastics Federation Canada I conducted a judging course for coaches
 In May 2014, on request of Canadian Gymnastics Federation I participated in the works of the Committee for World Championships Qualifications

Volunteer positions at sports organizations:

1988 – 1992, Member of Board of Directors of Lower Silesia Gymnastics Association
 1992 – 1997, Vice President of Lower Silesia Gymnastics Association
 1992 – 1996, Member of Auditors Committee of Polish Acrobatic Gymnastics Association
 1997 – 2001, Member of Board of Directors of Polish Acrobatic Gymnastics Association
 1997 – 2004, President of Lower Silesia Gymnastics Association
 2008 – 2011, Vice President of Polish Acrobatic Gymnastics Association
 2000 – 2001, 2009 – 2011, President of Polish Trampoline Technical Committee
 2004 – 2011, Academic Sports Centre Program Manager
 2005 – 2011, Youth Sports Centre Program Manager
 1992 – 2004, Acrobatic, Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics Lower Silesia Team Manage

My professional experience in this field is far ranging. I was a member of the Polish National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team with the world renowned Olympian Alexander Rokosa as my coach. Later, I had pleasure to be coached by Stanislaw Geron, one of the greatest Polish coaches, who reared many world class athletes. These two people were my mentors and contributed a lot to my coming-to-be a professional coach.
Since I started my coaching career in 1988, I have become popular among gymnasts and their parents. I have a reputation for producing solid, measurable results in relatively short time and without putting the children under undue stress. My methods quickly develop correct body-alignment, flexibility, strength and acrobatic skills. As a coach and an educator I want to cultivate child’s passion for gymnastics sports to shape young person’s mind and body through the means of these beautiful disciplines making them better human beings.
I am a coach because I enjoy hard work and helping others find success. I will provide meaningful instruction using methods and techniques proven by the best Acrobatic, Tumbling and Trampoline schools in the world in order to reach each athlete’s maximum potential.

I have a proven record in producing national level and world class athletes. During my coaching career my athletes won over 150 medals while competing at Polish National Acrobatic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling Championships.
They also competed and won numerous medals at many international events such as World and European Championships, World Cup, World Games and World Age Group Competitions. Among the most talented athletes I coached I would like to mention the following:

Lukasz Tomaszewski and Tomasz Adamczyk, man Synchro Trampoline, who were top 8 in several World Championships and World Cup competitions and won Silver at World Cup in 2010
 Tomasz Adamczyk won the Bronze medal at European Championships in Tumbling in 2004
 Agnieszka Bondarchuk won the Silver medal at World Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics in 1992

I have an extensive international coaching experience. I designed and choreographed routines for Trampoline , Dubel mini Trampoline, Tumbling Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics for National Team members in Ukraine, Canada, Italy and Hungary.

During my work in Canada my T&T athletes participated and won 43 medals in the following competitions in 2013 -2014:

1. Canadian Championships
2. Canada Cup
3. Western Canada Regional Championships
4. Albert aCup and Championships
5. International Tournament in Huntsville, Texas, USA, December 2013
We also participated in an International USA – Canada T&T training camp at Olympic Gymnastics Sports Centre in Huntsville, Texas